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Meet Geerteke

Geerteke has more than 40 years experience in training dressage horses. She competed at FEI Prix St. George and Intermediare II level and participated in several national summer and winter dressage championships.

When her champion horse S Pepin K got injured in 1991 (15 yrs old) Geerteke decided to get herself educated and trained in the field of selfhealing to help heal her horse.

From that moment on until this day Geerteke never ceases to be interested in and to get herself updated on different natural health therapies.



Geerteke has also invested time and energy in un-mounted training, training at liberty. She has attended an 8-day Pure Practical Performance at Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s on the beautiful small Danish island Lyoe. Geerteke has attended a weekend training in Holland and the on-line training with Carolyn Resnick on The Waterhole Rituals. The intensive Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinic also with Carolyn Resnick stimulated her wish to further deepen a heart-centered connection with horses and horsemanship.



All NES Practitioners are trained in a wide range of alternative healing modalities, in using the ProVision analysis system and have a wide range of experience in complementary medicine. NES Practitioners work with each individual horse to develop a tailored program dependent upon the aspects of healing that the owner would like to address.

Geerteke has attended numerous courses and trainings in the field of Quantum Touch (Richard Gordon), Ttouch (Linda Tellington Jones), OSISO – Outside-Inside-Out awareness (Irene Hill), Connection Therapy (holistic vet Erik Laarakker), animal communication (Martha Williams and Cecil van der Drift), homeopathy, orthomolecular supplements, Bach Flower Remedies. She is a certified Bowen therapist as well and very often includes  ‘moves’ of the Bowen Technique in her treatments.

Geerteke offers a perfect combination of alternative healing modalities and mounted and un-mounted (liberty and Hand-Sattel-Hand method) training techniques.

She is also the author of the popular children’s book “Magic with your Pony” where she offers the younger riders a perfect way to establish a heart’s connection with their animal following the  seven steps to becoming a magician.