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Animals never lie …

Animals never lie…

The results of the NES MiHealth with animals is really amazing. My 6 year old NRPS gelding, Don Baron Marcello, was taken out of the herd. The herd consists of horses of different ages. Ponies, small horses, big horses, mares, geldings.  Marcello did what he thought he was supposed to do. He created a bond with different mares. Some of the other geldings did not like that very  much. They had been part  of the herd longer. Marcello joined the herd only recently. However Marcello is persistent and clear in his communications.

One of the mares, 24 years of age, did not agree with Marcello’s seductive attempts. When Marcello tried to mate with her that was the limit as far as her owner was concerned.

On a smaller piece of land by himself, Marcello could still interact with some ponies on a neighbouring field. They could and did  ‘say hello’ and nibble. However, some of the horses in the herd started calling out for Marcello. That kept Marcello a bit  tense. He started walking back and forth along the fence calling back to his former herd mates. Understandably.

The MiHealth was put on ‘Inner Peace’ and given to him off body for 20 minutes from a distance of about 2,5 metres. At the same time Marcello was given a bucket with some mash so he would stay on one spot. However, at the same time he could decide to walk away if he felt the bio-electrical stimulation and the vibrations in accordance with the Global Scaling frequencies were disturbing him. Marcello stayed on one spot for almost 20 minutes. During that period his eyes drooped. He showed a complete picture of relaxation while enjoying his mash.

Then almost in a sudden movement he lifted his head and started walking away. He stopped at a distance of about 5 or 6 metres, turned around and looked at me. That  was a sign to stop the ‘treatment’. The other horseowners told me the following days that Marcello seemed to have settled down amazingly fast as he didnot walk back and forth  the fence anymore. Not even when they passed his field with one of the mares that had ‘belonged’ to him.

6 comments to Animals never lie …

  • Dear Geerteke,

    What a fascinating story. And it is so true that animals never lie. I believe we communicate not just with verbal and body language, but also with our souls. Humans are more into our conscious mind, trying to control ourselves, our environment and other people and animals, while animals are more in the subconscious intuitive level. It is in the subconscious level where our true self resides. So animals are true to themselves and genuine in their communication with us.

    Reading about your NES MiHealth, I wondered if it works by reproducing a calming heart frequency. Our hearts give different frequencies depending on our emotional state. This is in addition to the ECG. With my gelding, Sancho I find I have to quieten my conscious mind and “think” with my heart to get in tune with him.

    Sancho had behaviour problems like Marcello had. We bought a mare, Savannah, and the previous owners contacted us a week later saying that they had a nice horse that liked Savannah, but their mare was nasty to him.

    At first Sancho seemed OK, and we gave him a day to settle in and find his way around. But on the second day we realized that the “nasty” mare was only trying to teach Sancho good manners. We do not know his background, if he was kept alone when he was very young, etc. but we do know that the previous owners spoilt him rotten. He was a badly behaving spoilt brat.

    Savannah and I teamed up to teach Sancho good behaviour, and in the process Sancho has become my therapist. I have had two nervous breakdowns, in 2003 and 2008, and I am still recovering from the last one. My present psychiatrist can do nothing besides prescribe medication, and I do not trust any psychologist I have met.

    Sancho on the other hand, I trust. He is incredibly sensitive to my state of mind and emotion. He makes me aware of my inner state and never lies. I cannot lie to him either. Maybe we are both treating each other with mutual bio-electrical stimulation, and tell each other when one of us is out of tune?

    Wishing you the best and that your NES MiHealth will bring peace and joy to many horse and human partners,

  • Farones

    Dear Vic – thank you for your nice comment …
    There is a saying ‘souls have already met before the bodies meet’ – so yes I agree with you that we communicate on soullevel – wonderful isn’t it!

    @@@Reading about your NES MiHealth, I wondered if it works by reproducing a calming heart frequency. Our hearts give different frequencies depending on our emotional state. @@@

    The MiHealth frequencies certainly also help with calming the heart frequency – during or after a MiHealthsession horses often show they are getting into a parasympathic state – have you ever heard of the HeartMath and their eMWave – a little gadget that helps in getting the heart rythm variability back into the ‘correct’ rythm – the eMWave supports you in getting into a breathing pattern that is also achieved during a meditation for example – interesting material..

    Perhaps you could use a little advice in your interaction with Sancho – he is such a good help for you – at the same during your connection with him there is a constant exchange of information between your energy field and his – this sometimes leads to accumulation of information, that in reality belongs to you, to end up in his energy field – it is a good thing if you use, when you have the feeling it is appropriate, the mantra ‘what is mine, stays with me, what is Sancho’s, stays with Sancho’ – that way the interaction and communication on all the levels will stay ‘pure’…


  • Dear Geerteke,

    Thank you for your wise advice. I will keep that in mind when interacting with Sancho.

    Thank you also for the information on HeartMath.

    Wishing you the best,

  • Greetings in love and kindness wonderful story animals knows how to take care of themselves better then humans. They know when something is good for them and they accept it without debate. Heart2Heart

  • Hi everyone,

    Before I became NES practitioner 7 years ago, I was breeder, rider and horse breaker for almost 20 years, so I know quite a bit about horses.
    About 15 years ago my daughter’s horse had problem with joints (he was walking stiff and sometimes limping).
    I discussed his condition with Peter Fraser and he asked me for blood sample. He found the horse had Ross River Fever (evidently common in horses) and after treating him for about two month with the drops he posted me, the horse was OK for lot of years.
    I have been treating very successfully horses, dogs and cats for all different problems and I found there is no difference between scanning human body field or animal.
    So if you have any questions about treating any particular problems in animals I would be happy to help you.
    Best wishes

  • I enjoyed reading about your case and would love to read more. I live in the states and I work on horses 5 days a week as a bodyworker and NES practioner. Your article gives me a reminder that the work does not have to be done with a horse tied up and to really wait and watch their body language for what to do next. We have horses that we work on that present parts of their bodies to us for treatment. We have also work on a few horses with headaches that are lying down in the stalls. They seem to close their eyes and invite the work.

    I would love to read more about the information on the Heart Math, very interesting.

    Joni SOrita

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